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About Casa Mara

Casa Mara is a beautiful boutique guesthouse located at a quiet area of the renowned Getsemani neighbourhood. It is only 5 minutes to the historic El Centro with its graceful colonial structures and magnificent parks, and is also 5 minutes to the popular Bocagrande with its line-up of beachside bars, restaurants, and night spots. A short ride brings you to Marbella with its beautiful beaches and stunning scenic landscapes.

Delightfully private and casually elegant, Casa Mara is set in a colonial house with interior showcasing contemporary installations in a traditional colonial atmosphere. It is fascinating to note that every modern room in the house has prominent colonial details. The combination of these two eras exudes a distinct charm and romance that makes Casa Mara one-of-a-kind.

People who stayed with us say…

We stayed in Casa Mara
for a week and we were grateful to find it. The low price really was a treat. And to think that the place is really pleasant and nice, we felt we hit good fortune. The rooms are comfortable and lovely. The pool at the center of the house is small but pleasant. It is the area were guests converge so we get to meet fellow travellers. There is a fridge beside the pool that has cool beer and some water. Very nice place. Truly a gem in this area.

Casa Mara Hostal and Cartagena

The Romance Between Casa Mara Hostal and Cartagena


Cartagena is a beautiful romantic city located along the Caribbean.  Full of history, this legendary Caribbean gem has perfectly preserved its colourful and mysterious past. Structures bearing the colonial period withstood the heavy onslaught of historical events and the typical weathering elements of time. Proud, mysterious, and exceptionally beautiful, this city stands apart and has attracted throngs of tourists from across the globe and is visited all year round.  Coupled with excellent geographical location, magnificent scenic landscape and interesting people, Cartagena is nonetheless a tourist’s haven.

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Cartagena’s Old Walls

Staying in Casa Mara Hostal and Visiting Cartagena’s Old Walled City


The Old Walled city of Cartagena, home to the city’s most famous neighborhood El Centro, was founded in 1533 by the Spanish conquistador Don Pedro de Heredia. Due to its strategic position on the Caribbean, the city long held a title as the most important commercial and slave trade port in all of South America, exporting loads of bullion monthly to the crown of Spain. Unfortunately, Cartagena’s vast amount of wealth, made the city an easy target for blood and gold thirsty pirates. The city was consistently attacked and pillaged by Dutch, French and English pirates, including the famed Sir Francis Drake who not only captured Cartagena, but also nearly burnt down the entire city in 1568.

Thanks to its number of attacks, the Spanish crown decided the only way to salvage the city from utter destruction was to literally surround the city with a 20 meter thick stone wall and to construct forts, all which still stand today, reminding visitors of the city’s rich and colorful history.

The actual walls of Cartagena were started at the end of the 16th century, just after Drake’s famous pillage of the city. The walls construction took over two centuries to complete and they were finally finished in 1796. Within the walls were a number of plazas, beautiful colonial homes, churches & convents, prisons and more. Stop by the Church of San Pedro Claver for a truly exciting tale of the city. The church was dedicated to the Spanish born monk known as the “Apostle of the Blacks.” San Pedro Claver devoted his life to helping the ill-fated slaves brought to Cartgena. Also, within the walls is Las Bovedas, or the Dungeons, today a tourist shopping area, the dungeons were once a prison within the walled city.

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas is the true gem of Cartagena however, majestically towering over the city. The huge fortress was started in 1533 and took over 150 years to finish. Today, visitors can walk on its walls and through its underground passageways. The fort was constructed with concrete and red brick and was designed in such a manner that if one side of the fort was to be overtaken by pirates or invaders, the Spanish could still defend the city from the other side of the fortress. The fort is truly impressive and visitors can still walk through its underground passageways, as well as its battlements.

Places to Stay When Travelling to Cartagena

Top Budget Hostel Cartagena

There are a lot of hostels Cartagena which offer great facilities and amenities in affordable and budget-friendly price. A traveler is always concerned about his or her budget and traveling expenses whenever he or she is going to another place. It is important to make sure that you have everything that you need within your budget limit. Hostels all over the world are a great option to travelers and backpackers who wanted cheap accommodation. The city of Cartagena is also famous of its numerous hostels located all over the city. The price of hostel Cartagena where you will stay in a vacation in the famous Colombian city is of vital importance to ensure that you have enough money during your stay in the city. Here are some of the top budget hostels in Cartagena if you are considering paying Cartagena a visit:

• Casa Tatis – Casa Tatis is a hostel Cartagena known for its great facilities. Every room has its private bathroom and cable-TV. Thus, you can get a private room with hotel-like amenities at very affordable price. The location of this hostel is also perfect for those who want to go sightseeing.

• Casa Mara Hostal – Casa Mara Hostal features great architecture and offers pleasurable experience. The hostel has a wide and clean swimming pool in its inner patio. The hostel is a gem that you can find only in the heart of Getsemani in the city center. The hostel is very close to the old city walls of Cartagena

• Hostel La Casona Cartagena – This hostel Cartagena takes pride in being a green guest house. This unique and fine structure is conveniently situated in a prime location in the city.

• Marlin Backpackers Hostel – This hostel is highly recommended by guests as it serves as a meeting place of backpackers from all over the world. Guests are really happy with the services and amenities offered by the hostel.

• Casa De La Chicheria – Be enthralled in this enchanted old house renovated to be a backpacker-friendly hostel offered in an incredibly low price.

• Media Luna Hostel – This hostel is perfectly designed for backpackers and has great location offering a stunning view. Big dorm rooms are offered for the comfortability of the guests. International backpackers are crowding the place all-year round.

Cartagena is a great city to visit and it offers lots when it comes to having a great vacation down South America. Visit sites such as to know more about traveling and the hostels you should consider and you should avoid. Choosing a budget hostel Cartagena can be really tough. However, with a lot of choices on your palm, you will be sure that you can find a place to stay in when you visit the city of Cartagena. It is best to check out the rates, complete information and the availability of the room you in online booking sites as part of planning your vacation in Cartagena. You may visit sites such as to book a room in a hostel Cartagena that you desire.

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